Life is too short, make a statement, everyday! What I’m here to tell every It Girl, is that it's absolutely okay.

I am a self-proclaimed, Haute Fashion Junkie, from Around The Way, Chicago. 

I have a love of all things that breathe beauty into life, whether its apparel, travel, food, art, knowledge and all the little details in-between.

As a fearless It Girl. I believe, beauty, life and fashion are about self-expression even if it involves taking risks, it unequivocally speaks volumes to your unique meaning, your purpose, your truth, it speaks to your individuality.  

So, you’re probably asking yourself what is an Around The Way It Girl?

She’s dynamic, graceful, stylish, determined, smart and bold. She is kind and caring, never hurtful or hateful. She relishes in her beauty and that around her. The It Girl, realizes she isn’t ordinary and has long since, stopped apologizing for it. She loves the world and the world loves her back.

And whether she is uptown, downtown or next door, she’ll always slay because she’s from Around The Way!